The Concept

Marinho Paris is the first French Gel Polish Concept which does not contain acid nor solvent.

 La Mini M…

Lampe L.E.D ( Luminescent Electronic Diode )
Playful, design and technological the Mini M. is the travel must have.

«Wherever, whenever»

Super light and smaller than you hand, it easily can fit any of your bag. Thanks its USB cable you can also plug it to your laptop

Easy to apply the Base Coat, the Top Coat and all colour gel polishes dry in only 30 secondes thanks to The Mini M.
Also our very specific removal process including : Le Spécial nail remover, Les Wraps bands, La Douce soft nail file and Le Truc cuticles pusher allow a gentle removal in only 15 minutes and keep your nail healthy.

“I am flawless for 2 weeks”


Our differences

‘Because the beauty and the health of your nails is our priority’

Our formula, unique, without acid or solvent, cruelle free, takes into account the latest technological advances and responds to the brand’s ethics.

 Vegan  Cruelty Free
Every single component has been broken down!

MARINHO Paris can now affirm that, since it’s opening in 2013, the formula of their gel polishes have always been 100% VEGAN!

MARINHO Paris is proud to claim that their formulas are not tested on our little friends, the animals!



10-Free Acid and Solvent Free

MARINHO Paris goes to what matters.

Semi-permanents polishes with only 5 synthetic and non toxic ingredients.

A soft formula, Dibutyl Phtalate free, Toluene free, Formaldehyde free, Xylene free, Camphor free,  Triphenyl Phosphate free,  Colophane free, Sulfats and  Parabens free.
10-FREE polishes! Don’t make anything!

MARINHO Paris chose to respect the nails with a primer free (acid free) application process and nail polished with a soft texture (solvent free).

Choose our ODEUR, ACID and SOLVENT FREE formula today.


MARINHO Paris, it is a wide range of amazing colours and some fun, crazy but still glamorous name. Be Audacieuse, First Class, Impertinente, Aristo, Puriste, desperate, Garce … and so Divine. 


Miss M. the Brand Ambassador


Mademoiselle Caroline and Véronique Marinho met on top of Mount Sinaï in 2008.

Together they gave birth to Marinho Paris proud and chic Brand Ambassador : Miss M.

She is the successful writer and illustrator of comics published by Delcourt edition.



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