«A woman without nail polish has no future» …What if it was true?

Passion, Ethics and Beauty

The founder of Marinho Paris, opens up about her very own career… from the medical sector to the nail polish industry.

In between her studies in the medical field and the artistic ways of Dijon, Véronique MARINHO decided to follow her creative soul and flew to Paris without looking back.

She owes her first Parisian thrill to Thierry Mugler, whom she assisted during the well known runway show at the Zénith named « l’Hiver des Anges ».

Very ambitious, she launched her own brand of « Petites Robes Noires sur mesure ». in 1990. And Christophe Lemaire made her illustrations in between events at the Bains Douche.

In 1994, she dives into the fashion and luxury industry next to the well-known designer Hervé Van Der Straeten.

Thanks to her strong work ethics and her sharp attention to details, she found her way into the biggest Parisian fashion studios. Brands such as Sonia Rykiel, Hermès, Givenchy, Swarovski called upon her expertise and her creativity to work on their collections and runway shows. Her free spirit and her denial to comply with the norms lead her to Jean-Paul Gautier and Chanel’s studios.

Her true love for cosmetics grew from her inspiring collaborations with Dior, Lanvin and H. Rubinstein Perfumes.


The Mani Boom

During her trips to Asia and the USA, Veronique noticed the rising demand for semi-permanent manicures that were consistently growing abroad.
Importing this new technique back to Europe to “free the women” was nothing but the obvious next steps to take.
After a year of maturation, Veronique created a product that was innovative, gentle, convenient and design.
In 2013, MARINHO Paris was the first independent company in France to launch the new concept of gentle semi-permanent manicure, made for private use.
Thanks to her out-of-the-ordinary positioning and her values, the Trade Show Who’s Next chose to put MARINHO Paris under the spotlight. Right away, Le Bon Marché also wanted the exclusivity and furthermore, prestigious brands followed with partnership propositions.
Since 2015, MARINHO Paris works with ultra selective professionals that have as top priorities the quality of the product, high-level working standards and most of all, the health of the nails.
The creator cares a lot about her relationship with her clients. She provides private training to them and applies herself at conveying her philosophy to cosmetic schools.
Every season, the brand innovates by adopting cutting-edge techniques, creating trendy colors well known for their appealing names that emphasizes her so Parisian identity.

Because what’s the most important in life, is life itself …
MARINHO Paris chose to be a woman,
a Lifestyle… and not a product.

Welcome to the family!