the Mini-Limes

Bag of 100 mini stickers for the Truc
Two different grains: 240 and 280


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Only the Trick allows you to push back the cuticles and easily remove varnish residues.
Equipped with a mini file, it will clean the circumference of the nail with precision.
For a perfect finish, polish with La Douce foam file.


More information

weight 0,01 g
Size 0,5 × 8 × 8 cm

The Differences

logo vegan marinhoparis illustration plant with red leaves

Each component, each pigment has been decrypted! MARINHO Paris can shout loudly that since the creation in 2013, the formula of its semi-permanent varnishes has always been 100% VEGANE.

logo cruelty free Marinhoparis illustration rabbit

MARINHO Paris is proud to claim that its formulas are not tested on our friends the beasts! Happy CRUELTY free !

logo 10-Free marinhoparis illustration chemical molecule

MARINHO Paris goes to the basics. Semi-permanent varnishes with only 5 non-toxic synthetic ingredients. A mild formula, without Dibutyl phthalate, without toluene, without formaldehyde (and its resin), without xylene, without camphor, without triphenyl phosphate, without Rosin, without sulfates and without parabens. 10-free what!

logo without acid without solvent Marinhoparis illustration balloon chemistry with slurry liquid

MARINHO Paris chooses the respect of the nail with a laying Protocol without Primer (full of acids) and gel polishes with a creamy texture (solvent free). Choose our medical formula without odor and solvent-free, acid-free.

The Ritual

Preparing the nail

The pose

The removal

My video installation lesson is here !

The delivery

For France, with signature, insured from 120€
- Colissimo delivery - 2 to 5 working days: from 9€.
- Delivery in Pick-Up Relay Point - 2 to 5 working days: 8€.
- DHL Express delivery - 48H : from 13€.

For the rest of the world, with signature, insured from €120
– Colissimo delivery – 2 to 5 working days: from €13.
– Delivery DHL Express – 48H: from €21.

Our orders are sent in tracked packages. You automatically receive the tracking number that allows you to track delivery in real time.

Réservé à l’usage professionnel

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