The advice


The preparation of the nail is essential for the optimal holding of any semi-permanent manicure.
You will find in our video the tips and the small gestures that will make the difference.
Based on softness, our ritual is ultra simple and uses a few exclusive and indispensable products.

la Lime, fine, wood interior for optimal flexibility, le Truc, ingenious cuticle pusher with mini limes, one of our best sellers la Douce, sponge nail file ideal to perfect the contour and the surface of the nail, l'Initiale, soft degreasing lotion with discreet odor and les Petits Cotons Deluxe, high quality cellulose squares, fluffy and that do not lint.

the tips:
* False idea: washing hands does not remove grease of he nails and using a solvent is not a good idea because unnecessarily strong. Choose a degreasing lotion that will not dehydrate your nails.
* Repel cuticles allows a neat pose at the contour of the nail and saves a few days before the appearance of the growth space
* Seasons, water, fatigue, treatments... dehydrating the skin and nails. Our la Douce sponge nail file allows to dry out these small dead skins without aggression.

to put

The time for the pose has arrived! Rest assured, we put ourselves in your place.
With one click, learn how to place our semi-permanent varnishes and discover products specially designed for quick and odorless installation.

Our lamps 100% LEDs guarantee the complete drying of our semi-permanent gel polishes in 30 seconds and avoid the recognized risks of UV lamps
Finish the varnishes too liquid or too thick, varnishes that dry to the application or that lack of coverage... brushes too soft, too long, too thin or too big... Thanks to the smooth texture of the base, the varnish and the top and the quality of our brushes, the application becomes simple and precise.
Our varnishes do not require degreasing during and after application and have an exceptional shine from the first layer.
Depending on the quality of the pose and the nature of your nails, the outfit varies from 12 to 18 days.

the tips:
* The more thin the layers, the better the outfit, and the natural effect.
* At each layer, learn to tuck the end of the nail which is the most exposed place to the small daily aggressions.


You are convinced that the pose is simple, QUID of the deposit?
Here too, we opted for softness and freedom.

We protect you from hard-to-install aluminium sticks that cause overheating and, above all, sanding removal techniques reserved for the removal of gels and ungular resins.
Soak our self-aggripants Wrap Remover special and twist them on each nail. This comfortable and reusable process allows you to continue your activities during the 12 minutes necessary to peel off the varnish.
le Truc, equipped with a mini-lime, is ideal to remove residues of gel polish. You can see that our varnishes do not stain and do not dehydrate the nails. Close this ritual with a slight polishing of the nail with la Douce for a healthy and natural surface.

the tips:
* You may as well warn that our soft solvent, based on the formula of our acid-free and solvent-free varnish, will not allow you to easily remove other semi-permanent varnishes!
* A quick stroke of la Lime on the top layer will facilitate the penetration of the remover and save you a few minutes of deposit.
* Semi-permanent gel polish is eliminated by dandruff, so les Wraps are almost clean and reusable up to 5 times, making it a most economical dispensing system.

In illustration

Preparing the nail

The pose

The removal