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Marinhoparis manicure gift box with red semi-permanent varnish, base, top, lotion, file polisher and solvent and white lamp leds. unique red box

Unique Mini M. Deluxe Box

Ultra-light and design, this travel kit is ideal for touch-ups and weekend poses

  • Ultra-light and design, this complete travel kit for installation and removal, is the perfect gift for the addicting of manicures.
  • 5 volt white Mini M. led lamp, finger by finger drying
  • USB cable and mains socket
  • Cleanser l'Initiale 60mL
  • 3 soft semi-permanentgel polishes, acid-free, solvent-free: la Base, la Garce, le Top (3 x 5mL)
  • Remover le Spécial 60mL
  • 10 Wrap bandages for removal
  • Sponge nail file la Douce

la Mini Moon

  • Ideal for self-realization of a simple and fast semi-permanent manicure
  • White Lamp 100% LEDs
  • Fixes the latest generation of semi-permanent in 30 seconds
  • Perfect to catalyze 4 fingers
  • Supplied with USB cable and mains socket
gift box Marinhoparis white led lamp lamp for semi-permanent varnish drying
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